Day 1

  1. Instead of going out and spending bank on an expensive New Year’s Eve party, my boyfriend and I decided we’d go to a New Year’s Day brunch at a nice restaurant in Boston. Precedent set: making time for each other outside of training, dressing up a little, and spending a little money for high-quality time together.
  2. In the morning, before heading to said brunch, I watched some good TV, and after having dinner, I read a little more of a good book. Precedent set: taking time to relax and unwind because I deserve it, but not consuming total “junk” media when I do.
  3. Even though I was really tired after going through a strength training workout today, I managed to sit down and write this blog post. Precedent set: writing for at least an hour a day in the pursuit of strengthening the muscle that will put me on the path toward writing the longed-for book, not letting ‘perfect’ be the enemy of ‘good,’ and not letting ‘good’ be the enemy of ‘done.’
  4. Rehydrating after an extended weekend of drinking and eating actual meals instead of stringing together snacks and half-meals while overdosing on caffeine and sweets. Precedent set: drinking plenty of water and making good choices around food that set me on a path to fuel myself effectively while mitigating the triggers and contributors toward my binge eating.
  5. Instead of making an excuse of being too tired to exercise and wanting to quit before I was halfway through, I finished the first of the two weekly strength training workouts I had been dragging my feet on starting back in November (when I first received the program). Precedent: finishing whatever I start, showing up even when I don’t feel like it and sticking to my extracurricular training plan to supplement my jiu-jitsu and judo.



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Erica Zendell

Erica Zendell

Quitter of the corporate grind in favor of the open road, a writing career, and a whole lot of jiu-jitsu. Currently writing from San Diego.